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Spark Energy - natural energy drink, the best on the market


100 % Natural Caffeine

Spark Energy manufacturers aim – to offer consumers a refreshing, tonic, vitamin-fortified non-alcoholic drink with an exceptional taste, containing mostly natural ingredients and having all the positive qualities of guarana extract.



The extract from the roasted guarana seeds produced before Columbus had discovered America was used for curative drinks because of its stimulant, tonic, aphrodisiac equivalent effect and the ability to protect the digestive tract.


Energy Boost

Toning effects do not occur as a sudden and strong power surge, which needs to be controlled by the careful limiting of the amount of caffeine in a drink. This drink acts slowly, strengthening, calming, refreshing and relaxing. For this reason, the amount of caffeine in a drink and, consequently, its effect may be increased.


Lating effect

A positive tonic effect may last 2 times longer than in other similar beverages. Unlike other beverages, it acts as an aphrodisiac.